Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work it out

As angry as I was with Big, I couldn't help but make note of all the good that was coming out of this breakup. Personally, I'd already started to notice the relationships and connections I was building.

Unexpectedly, some professional changes started to occur as well. I started spending time with a family member who is also a small business owner. I basically created a new job for myself, blogging and helping her with her website. To further this goal, I started looking into classes and free groups to joint where I could network and get advice on how to help her - and learn for myself.

It turns out - this whole breakup thing might be the change I'd been looking for. I'm...less than enthusiastic about my day job. But writing and blogging is something I love to do. I'm working with an independent publisher on an idea for a book, and I've started blogging elsewhere with some earning potential.

With all these positive changes, I've had less and less time to think about the hurt - or how much I missBig. For the first time in a long time (maybe ever) I've been totally focused on myself, and what I want out of my life.

Maybe everything really does happen for a reason.


  1. I'm so glad you're finding these positives. :) Hugs.

  2. Everything happens for a reason... blogging is its own type of therapy!

  3. I always say, I blog because it's cheaper than therapy! ;)