Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best of the Worst: Cougar on the prowl

They say that if you're on a dating website, you should look at other women's profiles, to scope out the competition. I've never done that, because I never really saw much point. My goal is never to appeal to the lowest common denominator - I always put my best foot forward. Guess I assumed the right guy would see that, past all the other profiles. *shrugs*

But like I mentioned, I figured it might be fun to look at what women do in their profiles - as long as I was poking fun at the guys' sites. So....

I found a profile of a woman about my age. First, I have to say, she chose the wrong photo as her main profile photo. It's grainy, was obviously taken with a cell phone camera - and is a mirror-shot with an ugly tile background and a soap dispenser - suggesting it was a public bathroom. It's not even the most flattering of her pictures, yet it's the first thing she's showing the men who visit her profile.

She also has a high school photo of herself uploaded. No, I'm not kidding. Like I said, she's about my age - at that time, everyone wore those horrible, off-the-shoulder, faux-gown tops for their senior portrait. (SN: Everyone except me.) Why, in the name of all that is good in the world, would you share that on a dating profile?

What makes all of this even worse? For her profession, she lists photographer and says she owns a studio. Seriously - and your profile picture was taken with your cell phone in a public bathroom?

Listen - I'm no beauty queen. I hate photos of myself, and I there are few things I like less than searching for a picture I can live with enough to post it to a profile. Believe me. Thing is, joking aside - in this context, your profile pictures are your first impression. It's really important they be attractive, show off your best features, and show that you at least cared enough to take the time. Not to mention - guys are visual. Like it or not, looks are what they care about most, and notice first.

At least give them something good to go on.

SN: Cougar was her word, not mine. I'd never refer to a woman like that unless I know it's what she considers herself.


  1. oh I LOVED reading the other women's profiles on dating websites. Not only did I find them amusing, but I would run across people I knew who were blatantly lying (of both sexes to be fair).

    Also fun photos to see? The ones that are totally there to make the guy think they'll put out and that they're fun in bed when it's stated in their profile that they're looking for a serious relationship and not just fun. Really? 3 of your 4 photos are designed to make the other person think you'll put out and that's what you're looking for? Huh.

  2. I hate looking at the ladies' profiles. So much so that I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, even for the blog. :) *shudders*

    I didn't see anyone I knew. Actually, I purposely chose parameters to minimize the chance of that happening. Totally creeps me out.

    Plus, honestly? It was depressing. To see some of what's out there and know that I often don't get emails, or even a reply? *sigh*

  3. I didn't get a whole lot of replies either. Maybe our inner awesome just shines through so much that we intimidate the guys online. That's what I chose to believe at least.