Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best of the Worst: An then....

I was so worried I wouldn't have time to search for a guy's edition best of the worst, since it took me a while to find the ladies' edition. Thankfully - this guy emailed me while I was scoping out the female profiles.

Let me start by sharing his profile with you. This is copied and pasted from the site - exactly as it appeared (For the sake of privacy, I've omitted his name [which he shared] and the one detail that sort of gave away the site he's using).
Hello an Thank You for taking the time to view my profile. Ok ladies here it it is about me.

my name is **** . an yes thats my real name lol.I like the following activities,the outdoors-camping-camoeing-hiking--swimming-suntanning-nascar-mtn biking-adk mtns-BBQ's and cuddling with that special someone. I like shoting pool an movies, I'm very talentant & outgoing,never a dull moment with me around lol. Triing new an exciting things an seeing what makes me or us happy an feel good. and I'm into more , Just ask.
What I'm looking for is not a coach potato, but someone who is outgoing & willing to grow. A LTR 
Things I dont like , ppl who are concided judgemental of others they dont take the time to get to know . 
On second thought - I can probably end there, too.

I should give a class....

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  1. That makes me a little sad in the pants. Doesn't his web browser have a spell check?