Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love is Jeopardy - Part Two

Continued from here...

"You weren't on there last night?"

It felt like a challenge. Like he was saying, "Oh no you didn't give up - you were on there last night, and I know it."  And, apparently, he's paying attention to my online habits?! What. The. Hell?

Truth is, yes, I was on that website the night before. I got an email, and they're easier to read on the site than on my phone. Not to mention, as we all know, I occasionally peruse profiles.

What I don't get is - why bring it up? I assumed he mentioned his date as a gentle way of letting me know he's not interested. I down-shifted into friendly chat (Or thought I did...maybe I messed it up?) to let him off the hook, and what does he do? Puts me on the hook.

I ran this by my best guy-friend, and his take was this:

Crush could've thought I was online because I don't like him, and was testing me, and that's why he mentioned the date. My friend also thinks that Crush sounds like a nice enough guy, but has some issues - possibly was very hurt - and is closed off. In his words, "If he's this disconnected before you're even dating, it can only get worse if you do."

His advice was to walk away. One - sometimes it's better to cut your losses; two - if he's interested, it'll "force him to get his head out of his ass." He said that a relationship with someone like this - introverted, dramatic, apparently hurt - could be amazing...or it could be a disaster. That either way, I'm either all in, or all out.

Thing is....I'm not good at the "walking away." I never have been. I'm more of a "put it out there and see what happens" type.

So what do you think I did? What would you do?

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  1. You said, "Yes I was on - replying to some emails."

  2. You're correct, actually. I did, and then our chat got cut off abruptly (he was at work). It's what I did next that puts the period at the end of the story. :)