Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Couple profile photos

It's no secret I'm not a fan of couple photo shoots, or profiles. But I'm not sure I've ever shared how I feel about using a couple-picture as your own profile photo.

For the record - I hate it.

Maybe I've been single too long, or maybe I'm too cynical, or maybe I'm just a judgmental bitch (I'm not ruling out any of those possibilities, among others.) I just happen to feel that your profile should represent you - not the couple of which you're one half.

The profile picture isn't just for people to look at when they stalk visit your timeline.It follows you around facebook (and the internet, really) representing you any time you're active. Especially with comments. I have a friend who used the same couple photo for her profile picture as her boyfriend. So when they were each commenting in a thread, it was tough to tell whose comment was whose.

(For the record, I actually love couple photos as the cover photo on Facebook. If you're in a couple, that's usually a big part of who you are  - but it's still just a part of what makes you, you.)

I didn't even like posting photos of me with Trooper, and he would ask me to all the time. He would post photos of us, of me, tag me in posts...which did nothing but put my personal life on display, and create a whole new segment of people to whom I had to explain, "No, we're not together any more..." post breakup. My favorite conversation ever.

I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable sharing that type of personal information again. It's just...mortifying to have to explain why someone is suddenly not posting those pictures. If you never start - you don't ever have to stop.

Having said all that... I suppose it's a tiny bit possible that I'm a little envious of people who have connected with someone so much, that when they think of themselves - they automatically think of that other person. I suppose maybe there's a tiny part of me that wishes I could connect with someone that way - and an even tinier part that thinks that may never happen.

So if I poke fun at you for a couple picture, take comfort. Know that for all that talk, I'm really just jealous that I am not close enough to anyone to have to argue about whether or not I'm going to post that photo.


  1. *blushes* I have a couples photo on my FB....
    But, for the record: Klay doesn't "DO" facebook. So, there's no chance of him EVER picking the same photo!

    I love your honesty and humor.

    1. Don't blush! I'm admitting that my judgment is just there to mask my jealousy. If I wanted a couple picture, I'd have to trick my cats into sitting still long enough to take one. :)