Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new feature on OKCupid

OKCupid has this new feature on their Android app that lets you view profile pictures of users and say whether you "like" them by swiping the picture to the side (a swipe to the right, you like them; to the left, you don't). The only details you see about the person are their age, status, and orientation (so - 43 / single / straight).

It's kinda like playing a card game - an excellent way to pass the time at work. But, it's also frivilous and shallow - since you're judging people on the basis of nothing more than their profile photo.

If I say I like someone, and that someone says he likes me, we both get an email telling us we like each other. That would be great - if I was meeting local people.

I was connected with one guy who lives about 5 hours from me by car, and another who lives 4 hours away. My most recent connection lives about 3,000 miles away. While I'm sure these men are all lovely people, and would be quality dates and maybe even a great long-term relationship - I wasn't kidding, OKCupid, when I said I'm interested in meeting people "near me." I'm looking for a date, maybe a relationship - I'm not trying to audition for my own reality TV series.

So, in addition to being shallow and frivilous - this feature is also basically useless.

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  1. Their used to be (probably still is, but, why the heck I would go their is besides me, my ex-husband was a fan of it, but that's really another story all together) a website called "Hot or Not" (or something like that)...

    And it did the same thing... basically.
    Without the email to both parties that "Hotted" each other...

    Wow, this is the most pointless comment I've ever done....

    Still posting.