Friday, June 7, 2013

Since you asked... Cranky edition

This collection of random observations sounds a little more cranky and complain-y than usual. Or maybe I'm just a little more cranky in general. Either way, I was going to change them up a bit, but then I figured cranky best represents my mood

What can I say? It's been a week. This too shall pass. Meantime, there's sushi and the weekend!


* If we've talked on the phone, texted, or gone on a date - why email me on a dating site? It's impersonal, and says nothing good about the future of our friendship/relationship.

* Let's just agree that unless you're traveling to the moon, being out of town is not a valid reason for being out of touch on a dating site. "I'm interested, will be in touch when I'm back," is really just code for, "I'm already dating someone, but want to keep my options open in case it tanks anytime soon."

* Incidentally, if you give me this line, we'll probably never date. If you can look for other options behind her back, what would stop you from doing the same to me?

* Why are you using baby pictures in your profile?! This isn't freaking Facebook. I want to see what you look like now. Not what you looked like 30 years ago, or what your kids look like, either.

* We've reached a new low in online-dating etiquette when a friend's ex contacts me on a dating site to ask me to ask her to call him.

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  1. That's definitely a new low... Wow. Did that really happen?

    It has been quite the week... Well, weekend is here... and you know what, SUSHI sounds DELICIOUS!