Thursday, June 27, 2013

Questions to ask a first date

Thanks to Baking Suit for sending a link to this post at Lovely Serendipity. Though the blogger admits that she wouldn't "actually have the balls," she has listed the questions she'd like to ask on a first date.

My favorites:
  • How fast do you reply to texts? I'm a very impatient bitch and can't wait for more than 10 minutes.
  • Can I add you on Facebook and tag you on my latest 'check-in' status?
  • Can you deal with my mood swings and not complain about it.... EVER?!
  • Will you guest post on my blog someday? [<--My absolute favorite!!]
Most of her other questions don't apply for my dates (seeing as I'm old enough to be her mom, this is probably to be expected). But some questions I would love to ask:
  • Do you talk in text speak? Do you know the difference between to, too, and two? How about
    their, there, and they're? If not, tell me now.
  • How do you feel about dating someone who writes a dating blog? [<--Followed closely by, "Will you write a guest post?"]
  • Do you support same sex marriage and a woman's right to choose? 
  • Will you let my cat sit in your lap and sleep on the bed? 
  • Are you actually going to call after this date? Or are you just saying you will? Don't lie.
  • If you are not going to call - at what point during this date did you make that decision?
  • If you are going to're not clingy, are you? How many times a day do you "check in?"
  • How long do your relationships usually last? 
  • When did your last relationship end? 
  • Did you Google me before meeting? What did you find?
  • ....and so on.
It's true that sometimes the opportunity to ask some of these questions does present itself. Not always directly, but certainly politics and past relationships do sometimes come up on a first date. 

I feel like we all go on first dates (or initial assessments) with a list of questions to which we want answers. The trick is working them into the conversation, so it doesn't seem like you're interrogating the guy.

Maybe I should just lead with, "Do you mind being interrogated?" 

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