Thursday, June 20, 2013

Date feedback

I was chatting with a guy on Plenty of Fish the other day. My mobile app crashed, and because I can't stand to have unfinished business, I logged into the site on my phone to send my last message.

While I was there, I noticed a new feature on the site that has not yet appeared on the mobile app: Give Date Feedback.

In my inbox, next to each conversation, was an option to give date feedback. When I clicked, it took me to a page that asked me to rate that particular date based on: 
  • Connection (how well did you and your date connect in person)
  • Accuracy (how closely did your date resemble his profile)
It then asked me to score my date on:
  • Conversation skills
  • Manners
  • Sense of humor
  • Open mindedness
Finally, I was asked what I liked about my date, and what he could maybe improve. There are multiple options for each, including punctuality, dressing appropriately, attractiveness, offering to pay for the bill, asking more questions, etc.

I figured out that clicking "continue" actually submits the feedback - and triggers an email to the user. He is notified that feedback was given, and from whom. He can only view the details if he has an upgraded membership.

I. Love. This. 

While I agree that it's important to give feedback fairly and politely, I also think it's fabulous that people could finally learn it's just plain rude to be late, or not dress properly, or whatever. Sometimes giving that feedback is tough; this feature might make that a little easier. I also think it might satisfy curiosity for some who wonder why a date never called again.

Talk about a public service. A great idea - and, oddly familiar.

***I do not have an upgraded profile - however, I'd be quick to purchase one if I get feedback. I would absolutely love to know what I could improve, and what people like about me. As long as they don't want me to go hiking or kayaking, I'm open to suggestions.***

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