Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spouse in the house

My church pastor loves to say, "Find your spouse in the house!" It's a Christian church, where divorce is a sin and sex is for marriage and making babies. The singles he's talking to are twenty-somethings looking to start a family. There are very few singles my age. I'm not convinced I've ever seen any, to be honest. So naturally, he's not talking to me.

Still, it was a little uncomfortable when I was sitting next to Trooper during Saturday's service, when we hear Pastor say, "Find your spouse in the house. Maybe your spouse is sitting next to you right now!"

I have never in my life wanted to duct-tape someone's mouth shut. I'm sure God would have understood.

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    1. Oh... Baking Suit linked you in a post!

      And I'm sending you some blog love... even though I think you already know how much I love this spot!

  2. Holy awkward! ;)

    Oh, and from Cute Ella:

  3. Ha! I think you mean in AWESOMEly awkward. Hee hee!