Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And then I hid my OKCupid profile

I received this message on OKCupid:
Hi if you made me into your pantyhose what color pair would you make me into please and after you tell me what color I will fully explain what I am getting at and what this entails and it isn't about sex I promise. I want to make history to become your hybrid pantyhose a new breed of its kind. I would tell you the great benefits you will get from this they aren't bad at all. I want to become them only difference is I would be massaging hose that would be super cozy and to keep you warm when needed and keep your stress away. If you don't care for my idea I am willing to drop it totally and talk about something else.
...and then I hid my profile.

I also learned that this person (supposedly a local twenty-something man) sent this exact same message to another local thirty-something woman. And here I thought I was special...