Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A guy thing or a cootie thing?

Why don't men save phone numbers?!

These guys keep coming back into my life (this guy made a guest appearance last week, along with another guy who recently also told me he "really liked me" after date one, scheduled date two, then disappeared.)

They say they lost my number, which I find really, really unlikely. I think it's more like they delete my
Found it here - ironic
number. Or, even more likely, they never saved the number in the first place, and once they delete the text conversation, I'm gone.

I started wondering, is this a guy thing? Or a cootie thing?

So, I polled a few of the guys I know (and trust) and they all told me that when they meet (or met, in the case of Engineer who's engaged) a new woman, they do save her phone number.

I'm not sure that any of them go to the obsessive lengths that I do, to make sure their contact information is complete. I even screenshot a picture so that I can include it in the contact entry (this has more to do with helping me remember who's who than anything else).

But if the guys I'm meeting don't even go to the trouble to save my first name and ten lousy digits?

I need a new dating pool. This one is filled with cooties.

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