Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shut down and blown off

I was shot down last week - not once, but twice.

The first time was by a brand new guy. Here's the entirety of our relationship summed up in a few lines.

I messaged him on Saturday night. His words were "you're gorgeous" then proceeded to ask some fairly intelligent questions, and have a decent conversation. I gave him my phone number. 

Monday, he texted me and started a conversation, during which he asked if I could send him a recent photo of myself. My profile photos are all recent, but I obliged because I have nothing to hide. We agreed to meet later that evening for dinner at a restaurant near my house.

Dinner went well...he greeted with a hug, commented how good our conversation was, repeatedly mentioned that he hoped to see me again soon, and even roughly planned out an idea or two for future dates. He said goodbye with a hug, texted me later on and again said he hoped to see me soon.

The next day, I sent a text to which he did not reply. Wednesday, figuring he'd gone black hole, I asked if he was interested in getting together. He responded by saying, "I'm out of the dating ring right now, if you want to be friends that's cool, if not I understand." 

My response was something like, "Wow, things changed fast. When we were out Monday you gave me the impression you were looking to date, and when you said you wanted to see me again, I figured you were being honest. No worries. Take care." 

I guess that's that.

Earlier that weekend....

I contacted a guy who I went out with several weeks ago. We had a wonderful first date (lunch) and both agreed we wanted to see each other again. He asked me out for as soon as the next day, but then had to cancel (semi-last minute). I went for a while (more than a week) without hearing from him, and sent him a text saying that I figure he's changed his mind about seeing each other again, and that's cool, and wished him well.

He insisted he wanted to see me again, apologized for not being around, and said he'd gotten caught up in some family stuff. A day or two after Mr. Whirlwind shut me down, I contacted this guy and said I hoped all was well. He said it was, and he's home, and when can he see me? I offered him Friday or Saturday evening; he said Saturday. 

Saturday afternoon I contacted him and asked if he still wanted to get together. He runs a recording studio, and said to me, "I want to get together. I am going to finish this recording session and then I will know what time." That was 3:30 PM on Saturday. It's 10:51 PM on Sunday as I write this...and I still haven't heard from him. 

So I guess that's that, too. 

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