Monday, February 10, 2014

Actions louder than words

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I broke down and gave this guy another chance. He asked again, and apologized. He caught me in a moment of weakness, and I agreed to meet him last week - not once, but twice.

I do have to say - he showed up for both dates (though he was painfully late for the second). He was polite, funny, and very sweet.

But I couldn't get into it. I thought perhaps I wasn't getting past what happened last fall; then I wondered if maybe too much time had passed.

The truth is, from the very beginning, this guy has been a question mark. Canceling plans, not calling when he said he would, and stories that didn't always line up.

If the stand-up had been an isolated incident, I think I could have overlooked that one time. But I was seeing a pattern. The only thing consistent about this guy is that he is inconsistent.

So, I told him we needed to talk before going out again. I told him a couple of my concerns - and then I said the bottom line is, I just don't trust him.

He did not argue. He simply said he was sorry he wasn't what I'm looking for and he hopes I find what I want.

He said all the right things. I'll admit, for a moment, I wanted to believe his words. But when I stopped and listened to his actions, they spoke volumes about his feelings - more than anything he ever said.

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