Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I'm not saying "Happy Valentine's Day" because my wish doesn't belong to just one Valentine.

I'm saying "Happy Valentines Day" because today is a day to celebrate all Valentines - in their many forms.

Unless you're new, or just don't listen to me (I sorta wouldn't blame you), you realize I am my own Valentine. It's cool. I'm taking myself shopping, and then on a sushi date. I'll be on time, dress nice, and open all the doors for me.

I'm such a great date.

But this post isn't about being your own date. This post is about asking those of you who are your own date to let those who have a date be happy.

You may be tempted to post how Valentines Day is just a "stupid Hallmark holiday," or that flowers are silly or frivolous, or how getting them at work (and/or posting a picture) is just a play for attention. I get it - I mean, you're sorta right.

Are flowers a necessity? No. But they are pretty and fun. Are they overpriced for February 14? Yes. But they make people smile, and feel appreciated and loved - and that's worth a little extra.

Are the posts a little showy? Sure. But let's be honest - all posts are a little showy. No one needs to show off her gifts, just like no one needs to share his opinions.

You may think you sound practical or logical. Or maybe you think you sound like someone who's just too cool for this sort of thing.

But what you really sound like is someone who's jealous. You also sound a little judgy, and like a bit of a party pooper.

So, if your facebook feed is flooded with pictures of roses and candy and jewelry, ignore them or like them - but don't knock them.

I won't be getting any romantic Valentines. I also won't begrudge the enjoyment of anyone who does. I love flowers. I love candy, and little gifts. I remember how wonderful it felt to have someone remember me, and how much I wanted to share that happiness.

I've gotten my fair share - and I hope someday, I'll get more. Until then, I'll be happy for my friends.

(By the way - if this is the future, and you're the guy thinking about buying me gifts- you can't spend too much, and I'm perfectly OK with frivolity. Dark chocolate is my favorite, my ring size is 7, and my shoe size is 6. My favorite color is purple, and I've never met a sparkle I didn't like.)

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