Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Adventure

March 2010

Know what Big did? He introduced me to twitter. No - not Girl's Got Shine. I had another twitter name (all me, all the time) that I used to make a lot of friends. Some of you might even know what name I used, and therefore have figured who this shiny, classy gal is that's doing all this talking. If you have, and especially if you also know who Big is, thank you, thank you - THANK YOU - for keeping me masked.

Know what twitter did? It introduced me to blogging. [Which, according to my logic means that this whole Blog is Big's fault. If he ever does figure it out, he better not complain. Right? Right.] I started a fun little blog that has a fun little following. My mask prevents me from linking you there, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

So, I was finding new ways to make friends; some on my own - and some, I was sharing with Big. We were having online, public conversations. He would initiate them all the time - even making plans to go to the movies, eat out, etc. Totally public - and easily viewed by the growing number of "tweeps" that we shared. All because of him.

I've read that a guy won't "show you off" unless he's into you. That same source says that a guy calling, making plans and being unable "to keep his hands off of you" are also signs that he's into you.

I believed his signs. I figured, we were spending more time together, and when we did, we were both always laughing and having fun. More and more he was going out of his way to include me in his "adventures" - even when adventure didn't amount to anything more than a movie and a walk. I believed that he wouldn't do that unless he wanted me around.

For me, everything with Big was an adventure, because I was constantly learning about him. Then, I realized I was also learning about myself. For a long time, I believed that I had no sense of humor and that I was not fun at all. I'd been told as much by an ex. If you hear something enough, it becomes your truth.  

Big appreciated my humor and personality. I was finding new outlets and friends that fit my style. I was finally learning who I really am. What's more, I was starting to like her...


  1. If nothing else then he gave you yourself back...and maybe that's just what his whole reason was.

  2. There's definitely some truth to that. A lot of truth, probably. It took a long time for me to figure that out.