Monday, June 13, 2011

Best of the Worst: Fight fire

I have all the respect in the world for fire fighters. They run into buildings when everyone else is running out - and they deserve all the credit and admiration we can give them.

That said....
I am laid-back, caring, sensitive, fun, sarcastic, HONEST, dorky, romantic and just me. I am not very athletic but like playing softball and I do go to the gym. One loved that I have had sense I was 3 is to be a firefighter (volunteer) I sense become one and have done it for over 16 years and love helping people. I enjoy going out and staying in, also very open minded to doing anything with the person I am with it is all about enjoying and learning what makes us both happy. I work one job and have a car. I recently got out of a 5 year relationship do to verbal abuse and among other thing. I have no kids and never been married. I am a non-smoker and no-drug user. I am seeking a woman who is willing to get to know me and like me for whom I am. She must be open minded and be able to share some of my interest and hers, someone who will understand me being a firefighter and support me in doing so. If you have any questions feel free to ask I am very open and willing to share.
This particular site also asks users to describe their perfect first date. Our fearless hero had this to say:
Lets just say I am very discouraged right now, please just be real. 
I only highlighted in red the words that don't make sense. There's so much more in this profile that doesn't work.

Please, please, please - guys (and gals), think of your profile as your chance to give someone the impression you'd want them to have when you say hello for the first time.

Imagine that, when we shake someone's hand for the first time, we transfer everything we want this new person to know about us. Basically, we give them our personal resumé with the touch of a hand. What would you share? 

I would want someone to know that I'm funny, smart, sarcastic, shy until you get to know me, open-minded and liberal about a lot of social issues, and that my family and friends are important to me. I'd want him to know that I have my own opinions and interests, and am eager to share and learn from the people around me.

I would not - on that first pass - want this person to to know all the drama and baggage that I'm carrying from past relationships. I think just about anyone will expect I have baggage (who doesn't?), but if it's on display, I'm sending a message that it's not in check. Not only is that a bad impression, it's an inaccurate one as well.

I'm all for honesty, but there is a time and place - and packaging matters.

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  1. Applause, applause!!

    I agree with every word.