Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best of the Worst: Huh?

I was trolling sites again. I came across this profile:
Well I'm a great dad. I have three kids who live with me that are my world.I'm looking for someone who wont cheat. Be there for me as I will. I will give 110%. I'm a hard worker. I love to snuggle. If you wanna no more ask me. LADY'S DON'T BE SHY I LOVE TO CHAT EVEN IF WE BECOME GOOD FRIENDS. All you are scared of seperation thingies. TRUST ME NO GOING BACK HURT VERY BAD.
I'm hoping someone who reads this can interpret for me. Because I've read it about a dozen times and still have no idea what he's saying.

What in the world is a "seperation thingie" - other than misspelled? And If I want to "know" something, I'll ask.

I should probably mention that his profile contained this, and two photos. One is of him (presumably) and looks like it was taken by a person sitting on the ground - he's looking down at the camera, the way I image a T-Rex would look at lunch. The other picture is of his dog - by far the most attractive thing about the whole profile.



    I think it's supposed to say, "All [of] you [who] are scared of separation thingies[,] trust me, [there is] no going back[,] hurt very bad[ly]

    But that's just what I would guess.

  2. Wow, that needs wayyy too much deciphering for me to attempt a translation!