Thursday, June 9, 2011

Facebook: The dating site?

A while back, I tweeted about using a blog and facebook as a dating site. It used to be I was totally against the idea. Facebook, to me, had long been a protected territory - somewhere to keep your closest family and friends, to be used for nothing more than sharing embarrassing photos and passive-aggressive status updates.

But the times, they are a-changin'.

My (personal) facebook is filled with people from every nook and crany of my existence. Some I've known my whole life, others I've never met (and probably never will meet) in person. There are people I've added as friends yet we've never interacted, and people with whom I talk every day.

I spend most of my life online - so it only made sense when I started using blogs and twitter as a way to meet people. Since facebook has opened up so much for me in the past few months - why not add it to the list?

A while back, I started a little back and forth with another reader on a blog we both frequent. Using what little I had to go on, I tracked my new friend (BG - Blog Guy) down on facebook, and sent him a message and a friend request.

We started some back and forth messaging that would go on all day. There was some serious flirting going on, too. I learned that BG is successful, grounded, respectful towards women, articulate, classy and has a great sense of humor. We met the following week for a date (He even called it a date!) and had a great time - and he gave me a hug when we said good-bye and talked about what we should do "next time."

Good, right?

I thought so. The messaging and flirting continued, and last week, BG took me to dinner at a restaurant neither of us had visited before. We thought it would be fun to try something totally new together - and it was. We laughed and talked for a couple of hours, and then he walked me to my car and gave me another hug.

The next morning, I woke up to a facebook message....