Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just one of those moods

I mentioned on facebook that I've been sending emails like crazy on dating sites. Why? I'm not really sure. I don't feel any urgency to meet a guy. I've still been seeing TG, and another guy (more on that later). It's not as if I have a bunch of extra time to fill in my calendar.

I get in these moods sometimes where I just want to see what will happen. Sometimes, it's because I feel rejected; other times it's because I'm feeling lonely. Sometimes, it's honestly just because I'm bored.

I sent out 21 emails this month. I'm beyond embarrassed to say that I got a response on 6 of them - which is roughly 25%. If I were a salesperson, I'd be rich; if I were a baseball player, I'd be making league minimum (and still rich).

Two were guys who I think were relatively new to online dating, so they felt they had to respond. They were polite, and continued the conversation I started. But after an email or two, they stopped responding. Two guys turned into actual dates - which you can read about here and here.

The last two were guys with whom I had other connections. One I actually went out with a couple of years ago. We went on one date, after which he called to say he was interested - and then proceeded to fall off the planet. I never pursued him, but ran across his profile and said hello. The other is a guy I know from the local blog world. He's older, and seems nice. We made tentative plans for lunch, but I expect it will be more of a friendship than anything else.

Think Fiona ever did online dating?
Sometimes I wonder why I don't get more responses. I know body type is important to a lot of people. I'm not thin, and I do post full-length photos, to avoid wasting anyone's time or misleading anyone. I'm definitely no beauty, though I don't think I'm a one-eyed ogre or anything. (SN: If I am a one-eyed ogre and you people who know me haven't told me - you are soooo off my Christmas list.)

So what gives? Who knows. I like to think it's because most of the guys I approach just aren't right for me. The universe already knows it, and is saving us both some time.

Either that, or I need to find an online dating site where the guys are specifically looking to meet ogres.


  1. You are totally not an ogre. Personally, I think you're adorable and pretty. One of the things I think that people need to keep in mind about the online dating thing is that I'm pretty sure that many of the people there aren't really interested in relationships. They just want attention of one form or another...

  2. You may be right. I need to remember it's just another way to meet people, and the truth is - when it's right, it'll happen.

    That's the very grownup, mature way of looking at things. I'm just not feeling very grownup or mature this week. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, FAR from ogre! That's just crazy. I think we could look like Eva Mendez or Eva Longoria, and we would STILL have issues finding men who are right for us.

    A good man truly is hard to find. Just remember, 99.5% of the time it honestly isn't you. It's him. I can't say that about every girl I know, but from what I know if you, this holds true.