Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ashton dating video?

One of the things about online dating sites is you never, ever know whose profile you might run across. Celebrities have to look for love, too, right? And let's face it - 1 in 5 people meet their match online. Why should celebs be any different?

But I suppose if you were a celebrity who decided to use a dating site, you might disguise yourself. Right? To try and attract people based on your personality or style, and not your IMBD page.

But some celebs...just can't hide. Especially if you are an ultra-famous celeb who just went through an equally famous split.

You gotta check this video out, or visit World Wide Lovers to check out the profile. 

A little advice for Ashton - you'll definitely attract all types of women with these profiles. But seriously - skip the shirtless pics. 

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  1. I had to share this on Facebook. This is going in Thursday's Bean Counter, this and the Polish Dentist.

  2. I doubt he will be attracting any women.. If he thinks this is a funny, cute video he's got a screw loose...Its offensive and he's mocking people of the same persuasion.