Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Say goodbye to online dating

No, not me (not yet, anyway).

This is another one of those things I'm seeing more and more of on different dating sites. Instead of deleting, or even just hiding, their online profile, more and more men are opting to change their headline to something like, "I found her!" or "See ya!" and then remove all but the most basic information.

This confuses me. It would actually be easier to just hide the profile. Most sites I use will let you do that right from your phone. Those that don't only require a few clicks on the website.
So why do these guys leave their profiles out there? I have a couple of theories.
  • They are too lazy to delete the profile
  • They are too stupid to figure out how
  • They are not really committed to the woman they've met, but want her to think they are (and probably met her on that site)
  • They like the ego boost of getting winks and emails, and don't want to give it up
So, if you see a profile like this, don't feel that you missed out on anything. If he's left the profile up, he's likely a stupid, lazy, insecure, dishonest guy, who is afraid of commitment.

Those are easy to find.

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  1. Mine's still up for entertainment value and vetting because some people have their profile set to "only members can view"

    Then again, I'm a rarity.