Friday, April 19, 2013

Since you asked...

Like I said, I've been trolling profiles. Sometimes I come across a profile that deserves a mention, but not necessarily its own post. Why? Since you asked...

~ When looking at one profile, I caught myself wondering if it would be OK to email the guy - not to ask if he was interested, but to ask if he could introduce me to the handsome friend in one of his group pictures. (I eventually decided that probably wasn't OK.)

~ Lafter is not a word, and I can't think of any reason for any man (or woman) to use it in a profile. Or anywhere else. Ever.

~ Is horseshoer really a job?

~ If you say you love taking drives to "know where" and in the next sentence say you "occasionally pick up a book," I'm going to assume you pick them up to kill bugs or level off tables. There's no way you're actually reading. At least not English.

~ Keeping an active online dating profile when you're married just because you "like to look at the photos" is a good way to get yourself reported, and probably booted off the dating site (which may be why I couldn't find the profile again). (I get that searching profiles for blog material isn't all that different. Plus, hey - online dating sites are freakin' hysterical! I'm not judging the practice. I'm just asking that you be smart enough to hide your profile, and not announce your intentions. I have friends who do this well.)

~ Stop saying you're lonely. It comes across as desperate, and not at all attractive - except to other lonely, desperate people.

~ What are you trying to prove by instagramming your profile photos? I don't care what you would look like if I was taking your photo in 1977 with a polaroid camera. I just want to be able to recognize you when we meet for coffee.

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  1. Is horseshoer really a job?

    Yes. But I don't think it's spelled like that!

    One of my great grandfathers was a jockey but he started out as a shoer. The more correct word for it is "farrier".

    1. "Horseshoer" was exactly what he answered for occupation. I figured there might be a more dignified term. I should have figured you'd know it. ;)