Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worst date ever

A friend sent me a link to this Huffington Post article, about a bad date. If you look closely at the photo, the man has built himself a Fortress of Solitude - out of Olive Garden menus.

That's right - in a restaurant - in public - an adult man is hiding from his date.

Maybe he should wear this shirt on all dates?
 Now, I admit - this is a bad date. But I have to say - it's not much worse than being on a date, wishing you could build a fort to keep the person out - and not having enough menus to do so.

I do have to wonder - if the date was this miserable, why stay? 

Not just him - what about her?! Why sit there with someone who so obviously doesn't want your company? Why allow him to create a scene so ridiculous it was immortalized on twitter? In the photo, she's playing on her phone. Understandable, since she's being ignored - but then why stay? Why not just leave while he's (obviously) not looking?

I've hung in there on some bad dates. Whether it was out of etiquette, a sense of decency, or just old-fashioned guilt, I've stuck it out through dates that ranged from awkward and boring to just plain awful.

But if someone treated me like this? I'm pretty sure I'd take my breadsticks and go home.

I'd write him a note, though - on the back of the bill.


  1. Oh I saw this! But, I had figured it was a couple having a REALLY bad night... I didn't know it was just a date! DUDE, if it was that bad, I would have just left. No harm No foul.. right?!

    1. It very well may have been a couple having a bad night. But honestly, if it's that bad, why go out together? Obviously what you need is a little time apart.

      I stand by my assessment: If your date, whether it's the first or the fiftieth, builds a menu-fort to keep you out - leave him with the bill.