Monday, April 1, 2013

Post lent observations

Lent is officially over, which means I can go back to stalking online dating profiles, emailing every other guy, and winking at the rest.

Thing is...I kinda don't want to.

First, I will confess...I did reach out to a couple of guys during Lent. This just in: I'm not perfect. That's between me and God.

But in trying to stick to my promise, I did find that I reached out to fewer guys than maybe I otherwise would have. Instead of just willy-nilly winking, I really thought hard about whether or not it was worth the trouble.

In fact, I almost emailed one guy, and then decided I would wait, figuring he'd still be there after Lent. Instead, he emailed me, and we got into what I thought was a really good conversation...

...until he turned out to be a complete jerk. It occurred to me that maybe I really need to be more choosy all the time, not just when I'm challenging myself. I mean, of course you never know until you talk to someone - but being a little picky can't hurt.

I also found that staying away from the dating sites wasn't as difficult as I expected. I am someone who is always on my phone. I often open up the dating site apps out of sheer boredom.

In an effort to stay away, I found other distractions for those moments when I need one. After a while, I realized the other entertainment worked just fine - and I don't really miss the dating apps.

Or the dating, as it turns out. Guess all I needed was a little perspective.

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