Friday, July 12, 2013

A little effort

I ran across this profile last week...
*disclaimer*If you're into head games keep moving, most of you say you're not into them but as long as it's you playing them its fine.
Don't reply or message me if you are not willing to do what you say in your profile. You want honesty but can't be honest then you're fake.
Apparently women say one thing but do the complete opposite. 
Don't know why I even keep this profile. I have meet women I am interested in but for some reason none of them can be truthful but say they want a man to be truthful. Another peev of mine, dont click the damn meet me button if you seriously don't feel like chatting.
Have had several women click the meet me and then I message them and they just don't reply back.
Seriously, there is a little icon that allows you to see the persons profile before you click yes or no. It amazes me how little effort people put into this anymore. ( mean like spell-check, punctuation, and grammar?)

I'm trying my first speed-dating event tonight. Wish me luck! Hope this guy isn't there.

1 comment:

  1. HOLY $#!T.. who would want to MEET this guy? SERIOUSLY?

    He can't think ANY woman is going to find that ... WHATEVER THAT WAS interesting.