Friday, July 19, 2013

Since you asked...

» You shouldn't have to specify in your profile that you won't be abusive. Yes, some men are - but not abusing a woman is the bare minimum you can do to be a good guy. If you lower the bar any more, you might trip.

» I'm not on a "search" so please don't ask me how it's going. I'm out to meet nice, cool, smart people and hopefully find a connection worth pursuing. Don't make me sound like Pochahantas leading an expedition.

» You message me for days...then ignore me for week...then message me and tell me how you met someone, it didn't work out, and you are wondering how I'm doing. Translation: You were more interested in her, but it didn't work out, so now you're back to me. You disliked her low self-esteem. Well here's something else not to like: Mine isn't low, and I don't play second fiddle. Better luck next time.

» It's never, ever cool to date when you're not ready. It's especially not cool to do so with someone who is loving, caring, and who has honest feelings for you.

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