Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An objective opinion

I hate to be wrong. But something I've learned over the last few years is, it's OK to be wrong now and then as long as you're willing to admit it, and learn.

 When I first logged into Skout locally, I noticed a familiar face right away. I looked at the profile to confirm it was him, and then I moved on.

See, we dated a few months back. When I say "dated" I mean we met for coffee once, and then twice I went over to his apartment with dinner, and we hung out. Both times he was very quick to rush me out, saying he needed to get to sleep. (The first time, I happen to know he logged into OKCupid as soon as I left.)

I tried to raise the rushing-out issue in person, but he was too busy rushing me out to listen. So when he texted me the next day, I mentioned I wanted to continue the conversation. He said sure...and then I never heard from him again. I asked him to call when he had time to talk...and then a couple days later I tried to get in touch with him. Nothing. Finally, I sent him a text and told him what I wanted. I asked him to call if he was interested in the same, and if not, no hard feelings.

Since I didn't hear from him, I took that to mean he wasn't interested in further discussion, so I moved on. He could have contacted me by phone, or on OKCupid, or later on Plenty of Fish, when he joined.

But he didn't. It wasn't until Skout that he reached out to me.

It's one of those situations where I wish I had a transcript of our entire exchange. I am second-guessing myself, and tempted to take all of the blame, even though I realize it can't possibly be all my fault.

It occurs to me what I really need are objective opinions offered by people who have no reason to lie.

That's where you, the internet, come in.

(It also occurs to me the NSA should offer transcripts like that for sale. I think the government is missing the boat on a huge revenue stream.)

To be continued....

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