Monday, July 29, 2013

Skout - not for everyone

At the urging of my cousin, and because I have been looking to replace OKCupid, I joined a site called Skout. It boasts that it is the "global network for meeting new people."

I joined right on my phone. Since the app works by tracking your location and finding people close by using the phone's GPS feature, using Skout on a desktop or laptop doesn't make a lot of sense. This on-the-go dating at its finest.

[Side Note: For this reason, I don't recommend creating your account when you're 100 miles from home. Just creates confusion.]

Skout is basically a chat site. You have a profile, but it includes far less detail than sites like Match or Plenty of Fish. You can enter search criteria, but I'm not convinced it pays attention when you're looking for people. I keep finding guys way too young in my search results.

You can also update your "Buzz." This feature allows you to share by posting a status or a photo. It goes into your Buzz feed, but does not become a part of your profile. When you check out the Buzz, you're seeing posts from everyone, everywhere. The stuff people post on the internet is amazing - and a little horrifying. It is also exceptionally entertaining, and is a great source for blog material.

As far as the people you's what you'd expect. Skout is really like what would happen if Craigslist Personals included a chat feature. The fact that it's location-based doesn't help. People do travel, and while I'm happy for the travel and tourism business in my area, I'm not looking to meet someone who is just passing through. I have also "successfully" connected with several truck drivers - who were also just passing through.

The chat feature also draws a particular kind of crowd - the kind that is looking totally for online relationships. They just want to chat online - and, I'm sure if you let it get to that point, they want to sext - and go no further. The kind of relationship that allows them to be anyone they want - except the person they really are.

That is understandably a turnoff to a lot of people. That type of interaction (totally online) also means that people are more aggressive in approaching others. I had dozens of messages within hours of making my profile public. Most of it was just nonsense, of course. But if you're like me and really want to put in effort before just dismissing someone, that can all be a little overwhelming. It took me the better part of a week to adjust to the increased activity on this site, versus what I'm used to elsewhere.

Like any other site, Skout is all about getting a handle on how things work on the site, what to expect, what features you like, and what you don't. Also like any other way of meeting people, if you're willing to do the work, you never know what you might find.


  1. It just seems like something that would be more prone to "booty calls"...

    1. Oh, there's plenty of that. Many people just post a status that they're looking to get together with whoever replies.

  2. I find the buzz feeds extremely entertaining and I troll them regularly