Thursday, July 11, 2013

No longer a single woman

I recently realized that, though I know I want it all, I'm also tired of looking. I'm tired of thinking ahead. I'm tired of worrying - about where something might go, how it might work, or whether I'm hurting someone's feelings. Especially since no one seems concerned about mine.

I want to just date who I want, when I want, and if something more develops, fine. If not - that's fine too, and at least I'll have fun.

I realize this will make me seem quite selfish, and under the right circumstances, possibly a little...out of control. I also realize people will probably judge me and assume I'm making bad decisions and big mistakes.

I guess I don't care about any of that, either.

Which means I'm no longer single woman. If I'm dating with that attitude, I've clearly become a single guy.

Which means I have cooties. Apparently, they're not only real - they're contagious.