Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 26

Today's blogging challenge: Name a song that makes you cry every time you here it, and tell why. 

I don't really have "sad" songs. Music isn't that big a deal to me. I just listen to whatever is on the radio; when it's gone, so is my interest, pretty much.

At some point while we were dating, Trooper posted a YouTube video of a nice R&B song (the name and artist have since been blocked from my memory) on my Facebook timeline. I thought that was so sweet and, you know, obviously it meant he liked me (which is clearly not always true), so I thought it might be nice if I offered a similar gesture (this is likely why I'm not nice to men anymore). 

So I posted a video on Trooper's timeline - Uncle Kracker's "You Make Me Smile." So for a while, I couldn't listen to that song when it came on.

I'm over that now.

But boys still have cooties.

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