Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greatest gift

In case you're wondering, Trooper and I spent a lovely holiday together. We had dinner with a couple of my "families" and exchanged gifts together on Christmas Eve. I made (what would pass for) breakfast on Christmas morning.

As far as a gifts, he gave me a lot more than I gave him. That's always a little awkward, no matter what the relationship (unless it's a parent and child, I suppose). When you're searching for balance, and trying to sort out your place in each other's lives, it's important to feel...equal, I think, and like you get as much as you give. Otherwise, it's easy for one person to feel taken advantage of, and the other person to feel useless. 

But I also think that in any relationship, there's one person who wants to take care of the other; and each person wants different things. For instance, I like "stuff" while Trooper is more of a minimalist. He likes nice things, but doesn't feel like he needs a ton of anything. So giving him stuff isn't a big deal - but for me, having lots to open (big and small) is just fun.

He also gave me one of the greatest gifts anyone can; he spent time with me, and he gave up his time to go and have dinner with the people who matter most. It turned out it meant a lot to him to be invited.

So, I guess dating - and gift giving - isn't just about finding balance, and each other's place. It's also about learning each other's priorities, and what makes you both happy. You can learn a lot about a person based on how they handle holidays, and gifts, and families and busy schedules. 

After all, there's no greater gift than the chance to bring someone new into your life, and learn all about them - and what they can teach you about yourself.


  1. =)

    This made me smile.

    There have never been more true words spoken.

  2. Well said, most though don't get that view at all... Glad u did. :-)

  3. Awe your first christmas! so cute.

  4. very true :) sometimes you just need to know what should come first..

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