Friday, December 9, 2011

Wrap it up

Assuming we're still together, Christmas Day will be exactly two months since my first date with Trooper. Someone close to me recently observed that it's so nice that I "have someone" during the holidays, the toughest time to be alone.

This person is also happily married to a freaking prince...

So while she's right that it is nice to be with someone for some parts of the holiday - I don't think she realizes all the challenges it presents. When a relationship is new at holiday time, it raises more questions than it answers. Like, does it mean anything if we spend time together on Christmas? Or is it too big a holiday to hope for, so soon into things? Does it mean anything if he doesn't ask me to meet his family, or doesn't want to meet mine? And the all important...

Should I get him a gift? 

I happen to know Trooper got me a gift, so I know I'm okay in at least getting him something little. I've already placed my order with Amazon Santa.

But in case you're looking for some guidelines, How About We posted a helpful flow-chart to help daters figure out what to give to whom, and when. Click here to see that post.


  1. Close acquaintances can always be relied upon to make foolish comments.

  2. I saw the flow chart... My only thing is, the comment about whether that person will be giving to you... what happened to just giving from the heart. Why does one have to give just because the other is giving to them? I plan on giving a gift to the guy who takes care of my hair, and no, I don't expect a gift from him...A gift is a sign of gratitude and should not be anything else.

  3. I know how you feel, I started dating a guy right before Valentine's Day. No pressure there right???

  4. My boyfriend and I got together on Dec. 7th, and I remember those as being the sweetest holidays of my life.