Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Signs everywhere

There are a million signs that a guy isn't into you. There are also less obvious signs that he is into you. My problem has always been reading the darn signs. I misinterpret and misunderstand when I'm forced to guess or wonder or try to read between the lines.

I'm getting all kinds of signs from Trooper. Signs that I think (and hope) mean that he is into me.

- I once read that spending all your time at his place is a sign he's not into you - which, I suppose, means that spending time at your place means he is. Following this logic, I was pretty happy when Trooper made an effort to hang at my place - and when he said he'd like to do so again. Score.

- Texting? He does it all the time. Even just to say he's thinking of me. And he flat out told me that he looks forward to hearing from me during the day, too.

- He asked me for a picture of myself, for his phone. And one day, while we were sitting eating ice cream, he randomly suggested we take a photo of the two of us together. That has to be a good sign, right?

- Facebook - he's "checked in" with me tagged, basically announcing to his facebook universe that we're spending time together.

The biggest sign of all? He tells me how he feels. I don't have to guess, or wonder, or prompt him for a response. He's just honest.

Finally, a sign I really can read.


  1. I am smiling so, so, so big for you right now ......

  2. Long time comin'... so well deserved. Enjoy every minute of the bliss.

  3. We men are difficult to read for sure. Sounds like you have read some good signs.

    Congrats on Blogs of Note.


  4. You have to get a guy friend, that is very important, cause guys share secrets, to them if they like a girl they'll tell their friends, in fact, It's not even a secret, it is more of a topic of conversation. If you share a common friend, there is a high chance that he'll tell you that that guy like you =D


  5. *sigh & smile* I love signs, I believe even if they aren't what we want-they are always what we need! :D SO excited to be a new follower of you blog!

    Happy Readings


  6. I hate reading signs, always have. I wish boys/men came with a manual. I don't know how many relationships have been ruined because of reading signs wrong, or not reading them at all.

    However, good luck reading your's!

  7. Ha! That's the cutest thing I've read the whole week! ^.^

  8. read signs,reading them and let them into you

  9. Awesome blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

  10. How I wish that all of those signs will also be applicable to me. Only one of those signs have been applicable to me. nevertheless, i love reading your blog. =)

  11. I'd say all signs are looking pretty good and pointing to bigger things ahead. Pretty awesome.

    Lisa Marie

  12. :) Sign of Love. Just Perfect for Christmas.


  13. Hello, I visit and give your full support and please support me back. Thank you in advance.

  14. What does it mean if he doens't accept your friend request on FB? I'm following you from Rome, Italy.

  15. He wants to get in your knickers.

  16. very nice, because it comes naturally!

  17. Guys can be like hieroglyphs...so hard to decipher! Hehehe

  18. I guess you discovered some patterns about the basics in a "mans" behaviour!But calling that a sign... I couldn't disagree more!
    You single girls out there please do stop reading signs and enjoy yourselves.

    Who cares if "he is really into to you!"?

    Greetings from Greece!

    Love ur way of writing!

  19. Erm, I'm a teenager, so I'm not doing the love thing yet. however, I have some problems- my guy friends hurt my feelings when they ask me for advice with other girls. How can I get them to stop?

  20. Francesca - if he's not accepting your friend request, it might just be that he keeps his fb private, and isn't ready to let you in. Wait a while, then ask him about it.

    Anonymous - Just be honest. Tell them you're not comfortable giving them advice on girl problems. Leave it at that - if they're your friends, they'll respect you.