Monday, December 12, 2011

Write your own rules

"Maybe you can offer some insight?"

That's what my friend said to me the other day. My poor friends - they're never sure what they're getting themselves into when they ask for my advice.

Specifically - what's the time-frame for first kisses - and beyond?

Personally, I'm torn on this issue. I've said before, I don't really follow "rules." I think sometimes, we need to do what feels right - and write our own rules.

Relationships involve people - and people are unique. You can have all the rules you want, but things will play out differently with every new date, because the players are different. You might be a strictly 3-dates-before-a-kiss kind of girl - until you meet that one guy who is a game-changer.

Now, I've never been one to wait for a kiss - or much else, for that matter. Does that mean I run around sleeping with every guy I meet? No. But it does take an awful lot for a guy to get to date number two. Sometimes, that means things can move quickly - sometimes it doesn't.

It depends on the guy. I write a new set of rules with each one.

"Why is it we're willing to write our own vows, but not our own rules?" Sex and the City


  1. I never play by the rules! They are made to be broken...maybe I'm confusing dating rules with the law...either way, I will break them!

    Besides, I'm married so the rules do not apply. So I guess I'm stuck breaking the law instead!

  2. Agreed! You cannot follow the rules, you must make your own!

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