Wednesday, December 28, 2011


On Christmas Eve, Trooper and I had a couple of different plans that sort of got squished together, time-wise. I have to admit - I panicked a little.Turns out, I'm not very good at mixing my schedule and priorities with someone else's. I texted Baking Suit, and thankfully, she was able to talk me off the ledge.

Trooper had something he wanted to do in the afternoon - which meant we had to go to a later church service, which meant we'd be a few minutes late for dinner with my friend's family. I was worried, too, because I wanted to change my outfit. Sounds stupid, I know, but I didn't feel my best in what I was wearing. I needed a boost of confidence, since I was introducing Trooper to new people - and two of them are my ridiculously-pretty friends.

But all of that was my concern - not his. I had myself all worried about silly stuff, and I was missing out on the good stuff, like enjoying time with Trooper, and what he wanted to do. I let myself get wrapped up in the idea that what I was worried about was more important than his worries - like who was winning the game.

In the end, I calmed myself down, and it all worked out. I reminded myself that just because we don't have the same priorities, doesn't mean mine are right. It means we're different, and dating isn't about figuring out how to get him to take on my priorities.

It's about learning to take on each other's.


  1. Glad it worked out in the end! My wife and I only like to visit just one family on Christmas...we often argue about whose family to visit.

    One of these years, we won't go anywhere. That will solve that issue!

  2. It's a balance.

    Balance is hard.
    But so rewarding when you're balancing with the RIGHT person.

  3. Did you get to change your top though?

  4. I did get to change my top, we were on time for church, and we were only a few minutes late for dinner, which didn't matter, because they had just started.

    And Trooper had to make the sacrifice, because we had to leave before the game was over. He's a good guy.

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  6. ...I'm glad that in the end you made it work!!!...
    …All in Style…!