Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be helpful

There is a certain excitement you feel when something new comes into your life. Meeting someone new is full of promise and hope and new things to get excited about.

I know I'm not ready to date, and don't expect I will be for a while. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have anything new to get excited about, right? And obviously, that doesn't have to be a guy.

So I've decided to take on some new endeavors. My job is...a pay check. And that's fine - a pay check is an important thing. But I need more than that. I have a lot that fills my life, and that's also exciting - but it's not new.

So I've decided to try volunteering.

I contacted a few organizations that have missions I fully support, and started the process to get out there and lend my time and talents (whatever those are).

I'm excited. The idea of looking forward to something new fills me with a hope that's hard to explain. It's like I'm taking something bad and turning it into something wonderful. Not to sound too corny, but it also makes me wonder if I might not find a greater purpose for me. That's truly something to be excited about.

Not to mention, it will keep me plenty busy, and filling my time with obligations guarantees I won't bail. If people are counting on me, I won't want to let them down. This way, I know that even on those days when I don't want to face the day - I will.

I won't have time to think about how sad or lonely I might be feeling. And the truth is - how can you be sad or lonely when you know someone (or in some cases, a lot of someones) are counting on you?

So I'll be distracted and busy, and feel needed and accomplished - all while being helpful.

I think we all need that. When we feel let down, and we keep asking, "Why me," or "Why now," or "Why that?" over and over - finding an answer is helpful.

I really think this situation will turn into a win-win. I'm just not sure who will be helped more - me, or them.


  1. I have a feeling this Win will be equally beneficial to all involved.

  2. I admire you for having the strength to start something new in this situation. I've been in your situation a few times, but never had the strength and willpower to start a-new somewhere - even if it's only a new hobby (if I may call volunteering a hobby)
    I wish you all the best for this new plan!!


  3. You will be rewarded continually, as you reach out and offer your beauty and strengths to those that need it. I'm so proud of you.