Friday, June 29, 2012

Needles and haystacks

I'm quite certain Engineer is getting sick of hearing me complain. But he's a good friend, so he keeps listening.

The other day, I was sharing some of the things I've always found frustrating about the people you meet on dating sites. Engineer kindly reminded me that men on dating sites are looking for:
  • A date
  • A one-night date
  • Their ex
  • A green card
  • Someone to support their video game habits
  • Someone to help them move out of their mom/dad’s house
  • Someone to have on the side
  • Money
  • Someone to relieve their male urges with
  • Someone to “help” them
I sincerely hope he's not all right. I reminded him that he has been on dating sites before - and asked him which of those guys he'd admit to being. He instead admitted that there is a small percentage of men on dating sites who are sincerely looking for a relationship - or at least, to meet people and maybe seeing where things go.

I guess it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Good thing I like a challenge.

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  1. Nice and interesting article, I Agree with you not all men who are on online dating is serious but i dont lose hope that someday i can find the right man for me with the help of online dating