Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fabulous enough

Without a doubt, my biggest self-esteem challenge is my looks. I just don't think I'm especially pretty. I'm cute enough...but not the kind of pretty that guys follow around a bar or anything. So when a guy likes how I look, and makes me feel attractive...and then all of a sudden, he doesn't...I always wonder - will anyone else? Or was that it, and I just messed up my only chance?

"Um, well if he did...why couldn't someone else?" My friend asked, right before she smacked me upside the head.

Yeah, okay, I get it. Not only is that line of thinking unfair - it doesn't even make sense. I mean - he thought I was pretty or sexy (maybe even both) or whatever, and that didn't change. He didn't end things because he suddenly realized he didn't like my nose, or wished I was taller, or that my jeans are a few sizes too big.

I'm as pretty today as I was six months ago. So the challenge isn't finding someone who finds me attractive - because they're obviously out there.

The trick is finding someone who is ready to accept me into his life.

I'm not saying that's easy - but when you look at it from that point of least the problem isn't mine.
I was always fabulous enough - and I still am.


  1. I like this post a lot. Great thought from your friend!

  2. I share the same issues with my appearance. Thanks for the reminder that it's not the only thing... :)

    1. You're way more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. But I get it; it's a tough thing to battle.