Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Already fabulous

It takes time to rebuild your self-esteem, especially after a rejection. No one is perfect, and even though we may tell ourselves that the other person's opinion didn't matter - it did. It's always an ego boost when someone tells you you're beautiful, or that he's happy you're in his life, or that he can't wait to see you. Anyone who says those things don't make her feel good is lying - either to you, or to herself.

Let that ego-boost go on for a little while, and then take it away. I don't care how strong your self-esteem is - it'll take a major hit.

Your friends will try to help. They'll say things like, "It's his loss," or "You're way too fabulous for him!"

Bless their hearts. You know they mean well....but at first, you won't be ready to hear it. It sounds a little contrived, like it's just something to say. They're your friends, so of course they're rooting for you to feel better. You love them for that - so don't you dare get upset with them.

In fact - even if you're not ready to hear all that positive mumbo-jumbo just yet - don't discount it. Store it away. Maybe write it down. Eventually, hearing someone say...
I don't think you're easy to leave. That's why the guys stick around, even after they know they should probably end things. You're just too fabulous to walk away from, until they know they don't have a choice....
will mean so much more to you than doubting yourself or questioning your own worth. It'll mean that, no matter what he came to think, you are fabulous. If you weren't, this absolutely phenomenal person would not be sitting in Panera with you, watching you cry in your soup, while she says these wonderful things. She just wouldn't.

Eventually, you will start to realize that he didn't make you fabulous - you already were fabulous. He didn't make you into the person who attracted him in the first place - he was just a great reminder of how great you already were.

You will be that great again. Actually - you already are. You just need to find a way to remind yourself.


  1. I'm glad you finally realized this. I call it like I see it. ;)