Friday, September 7, 2012

Different strokes

"Are you sure you two are a good match?"

That question was posed to me after telling a friend about some differences I've noticed between myself and Sparrow. For instance....
He eats really healthy. He loves fruit, and vegetables, and doesn't eat a lot of meat at all. He's also originally from another country, and isn't afraid to try more exotic varieties of everything.
I consider it a victory if I add a few bites of frozen broccoli to my dinner.
He does not have air conditioning in his apartment. Not that he likes excessive heat, but it's an older building and he'd have to put in a window unit. He just doesn't bother, and is comfortable in slightly hotter temperatures. 
My central air goes on in June and pretty much doesn't go off until October. When I control the termostat, it's set at 65 - all year.
He is careful about how he spends his money. He's not cheap - he just looks for value, and is quite frugal when it comes to everything, including the grocery store.
I shop at Sephora, carry designer purses and wear designer sunglasses. I shoe shop the way most people shop for groceries.. I buy soda all the time, but couldn't even begin to tell you what it costs because, as far as I'm concerned, I need it, so what difference does it make? I like nice things, and am willing to spend to get them. I'm the first to admit my take on finances is not that great - but there you have it.
So how much do you really need to have in common with your Other? Sparrow and I share some of the same hobbies and interests, we can talk about anything, and are always (ok, usually) laughing and smiling when we're together. We see eye-to-eye on the handful of social and political issues that are important to both of us.
We have similar goals, and I know we could compromise if it came right down to it (he'd totally live with central air, and I will totally budget my money better, especially if someone else is sharing).
Truth be told, I wouldn't want to be with someone who was exactly like me. Two clothes-horses can not live together - we'd never find enough closet space. I'd find it boring if no one ever challenged my point of view, or taught me to try something new. Most importantly...if we do all the same things, we'd probably do them all together - and then how would I have alone time?!?
So do little things really matter? Do I care if he insists on shopping in the produce section, as long as he lets me shop in the soda aisle? Isn't it OK if we're willing to compromise on the thermostat setting? Isn't it better to budget - as long as the budget includes room for my mani/pedis?
Doesn't it make sense to give a little....if it means you get a whole lot more?


  1. From the way I see it, you guys are alike where it really matters and you can work out the rest.

    Maybe turning the thermostat to 70 in the summer will allow for mani/pedis if it comes time to share can always get your soda on sale too ;)

    Besides, I like that he lets me surprise hug you. Hehe.

    1. Yeah, he totally did like the hello hug.
      I suspect you're right. Guess I just can't help but wonder.

      Time will tell.

  2. Little differences are what keep you interesting to each other. If you were clones I imagine it would get boring quickly. Besides, if he is GOOD to you, that is what really matters.

    PS - I feel like I am dating vicariously through your posts! Thanks!!!