Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What a woman wants

So I told you my friends are dating, and have told me I can blog about their misadventures. Thank goodness.

One friend recently met a guy who seemed very nice, and he seemed to have his act together. They exchanged phone numbers and over text he told her,
I was raised by my mother and four sisters; I know how to treat a woman. I know how to give a woman what she wants.
Care to guess what happened next?

He suggested to my friend that they meet for drinks. The night of their first "date" came...and she texted him to follow up (early in the evening)....and he said,
I'm in bed.
After a few more conversations, he told her,
I don't like to force a relationship; if it's meant to be, it'll happen.
I bet you think I'm making this up. I sincerely wish that was the case.

See, I agree with the whole "don't force things" idea - and for the record, so does my friend. But we consulted, and agree that for a relationship to take place, both parties do actually have to be willing to leave the house.

You would think this guy who knows all about how to "give a woman what she wants" would realize that, what she really wants, is simply a guy who will put in a little effort, say what he means (and mean what he says), and actually want to spend time with her.


  1. I don't miss dating...although I do miss some of the amusing blog posts!

  2. Oh wow. I spit out my water when I read
    "both parties do actually have to be willing to LEAVE THE HOUSE."


  3. Dating stinks and this is a prime example of why!