Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yoga videos on Gaiam TV

Around these parts, we mostly discuss relationships - the good, the bad, and the ugly. While relationships are fun (or at least fun to talk about), there is more to life.

Dealing with change (which could be the end of a relationship - or the beginning of a new one) is hard for everyone - and harder still for some. There are constructive, positive ways to manage change - and other ways that are far less so. I like to think I lean towards the constructive - with the occasional chocolate detour.

Getting fit, both physically and mentally, is one positive way to deal with any life change. For whatever reason, no matter what's going on, people seem to focus more on change during the fall months. Maybe it's the change in season, or the change in wardrobe? Maybe it's because that's when the new school year starts, and we're all perpetually thirteen years old? 

No matter the reason, if you're like me, fall might be the time when you clean out your closet, your facebook friends, and your old habits. Physical fitness is one habit I'm always looking to revive, and the best way for me to do that is to find something new. I bore easily, and then I give up, and before I know it, I can hear cookies calling my name.

Gaiam TV is a new way to explore different fitness videos and topics, and find something that grabs your interest. Gaiam is the first of its kind; a streaming video service catering to those interested in health, wellness, personal development, and fitness. You'll find thousands of hours of yoga videos, featuring workouts from Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor, and Rodney Yee. 

Along with yoga and fitness videos, you'll also find videos on topics like spirituality, metaphysics, and films & TV. There is also a Gaiam store, where you'll find yoga and fitness equipment, items for your home, bath and body, and workout clothing.

Gaiam gives users 24/7 access to workouts, as well as health and wellness information. The service is compatible with smart phones, streaming devices, televisions, personal computers, and iPads, making it ideal for keeping fit while travelling (Think visiting family for the holidays; who couldn't use a sanity break?). 

Sort of like Netflix for Yoga.

The monthly fee is only $9.95, and there's no contract or commitment. Visit here for a free 10-day trial. The first 25 people to sign up will also receive a free yoga mat. 

If you're looking to get fit this fall, why not get fit with GaiamTV? Click here to get started.

***This post was sponsored by I received compensation for trying the service, and sharing the information.***

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  1. OH cool! I find most of mine on OnDemand, but I'll keep this in mind :)