Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't jump off that cliff

In case you were wondering, I have not purposely left you in a cliff-hanger about where things stand with Sparrow. Even if I liked them (which I don't), I don't actually think my life is exciting enough to make an effective cliff-hanger.

The truth is - I just don't know where things stand.

I wanted a break. Right away - literally, like two days later - I didn't feel the same. I still wasn't happy with the way the relationship is going, but I felt a "break" wasn't the best way to handle that. I thought maybe talking through my concerns was the better way to go.

So I tried.

It didn't go so well.

It's the sort of conversation I'd prefer to have in person. That wasn't possible, unless I waited - and I don't like waiting.

The phone is a better substitute than text or email, but logistically, that's tough. Plus I hate talking on the phone. I sucked it up and tried because, you know, compromise and all. I got so upset at one point, I had to end the conversation. I was afraid he'd hear my voice crack. Or I'd yell. Or both.

Talking again wasn't a possibility any time soon, so I ended up sending an email. In theory, that should have worked. I do my best communicating in writing. Unfortunately, it leaves so much room for intepretation - which isn't the best thing in this sort of situation.

The interpretation led to misunderstanding. Which led to some pretty angry words. Which led me to be pretty irritated. Which eventually led to apologies, and cooler heads.

We will likely revisit the conversation when we can do so in person. For now, we're still "on a break."

Don't jump off that cliff.

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  1. Yeah.... Emails are... Tough... but so are phone conversations...
    You can't see the person, and get the emotion from their body and voice the same way.
    You know?
    I know you know.

    I can't count (because it's so big) the number of times I have read an email and thought.. WHAT DID YOU JUST FREAKING SAY TO ME YOU PAIN IN THE ASS, UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF RAT ASS.


    I hope it all works out in the end.