Monday, November 26, 2012

Choose positive

I joke a lot, and sarcastically say, "If it could happen to anyone...." Whenever Trooper would hear me talk like that, he would always say, "Don't speak that into existence."

Trooper taught me a lot about the power of positive thinking. When I spent time with him, I started expecting good things to happen. They did - until that boat sank. It hurt so much, it was easy to fall back into the habit of waiting for the other shoe to drop any time things were looking good. I convinced myself that the only way to avoid hurt like that was to not to let myself be positive.

I know I can still see good, because I'm always speaking positive things for others. A friend wanted a new job...I encouraged him until it happened. Another friend wanted things to go well with a new guy...and I kept saying, "It will, it will." And it is.

But when it comes to my own life, I always feel like I have to prepare for the worst. I expect the bad, and tell myself it's just to protect my feelings when the the potential let-down hits.

But recently, I've started to wonder - is that what I'm doing? Or am I just speaking bad things into existence?

I realize if I hope for something specific, it might not happen. If I look back at all the things I have really wanted that never panned out, I can see how it turned out better. So I know things in my life are happening as they should.

Why can't I focus on that? Hope for the good things. Think on the positive; speak about it. Hope for the best. If it doesn't happen - sure, I'll be disappointed. I just need to remind myself that if one thing doesn't work out as I hoped, it's probably just because something better is coming along.

History proves that.

In the meantime, I get to be happy because I'm hopeful. When I'm happy, I embrace the good I already have. When I see the good - I care less when the bad actually happens.

So if I choose to be positive - I can actually change the way my life looks, even if I can't always control my own circumstances.

And to think....this idea hit me while I was at the gym.