Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the cards

So, I went for a tarot card reading a couple of weeks ago. For those who have never been, you sit down with a reader and while shuffling the deck, you concentrate on a question. When you feel comfortable, you lay the cards down and cut the deck. The reader then turns over multiple cards and lays them out in front of you.

This is the fourth time I've had my cards read. It's been about two years since my last reading, and I don't remember exactly how those readers placed the cards on the table. I do remember it was different than this most recent reading - so I'm thinking there are different ways to arrange the cards once the deck is cut.

This most recent reader layed out nine cards; three columns, with three cards each. The first column represented my past, the second my present and the third, my future.

My past showed a Strength card, along with a Two of Wands and a Four of Swords. The Two of Wands indicates that in my recent past, I have been looking at new horizons. The Four of Swords shows that I was in a time of reflection, or that perhaps I was stagnant somehow (either literally or figuratively), and being "stuck" is what led me to make some changes. The Strength card paired with these two suggests I'm being challenged - and by not pushing or resisting, I will get stronger.

My present showed an Ace of Cups, Death, and Fool cards. The Ace of Cups is particularly good news with respect to relationships. It suggests I'm in a season of positive opportunity. In this case (as in most readings) the Death card is not a literal, physical death, but a sign of transition; one thing is ending, while another begins. In my case, a recent loss of identity is forcing the transition that is bringing the opportunity - which is good, but frustrating to me because the way things are happening is not within my control.

My future showed a Ten of Rods, Wheel of Fortune and an Ace of Pentacles. The Ace of Pentacles is good news for career. The Wheel of Fortune suggests that positve changes are in my near future, but they are not within my control. In order to reap the rewards, I need to be open and let the opportunities happen, regardless of how they look. The Ten of Rods suggests that my plans are in their final stages.

In a nutshell - I am in a good place, having made some positive changes. Though neither the changes nor the opportunities look like I might have planned or expected, by remaining open, I will get to an even better place. Overall, I'm in a season of major change and growth in a lot of ways. It's all positive, but intimidating to me because it is out of my control, and not like I planned.

Which all sounds a little familiar to me.

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