Thursday, February 7, 2013

NaBloPoMo - Ideal date night

Today's writing prompt is...
Describe your ideal date night.
Well, first let's define "date night." Are we talking a first date? A date with a guy I've known for a couple weeks? Or a date with someone I've been seeing for months? It definitely makes a difference.

My ideal first date is a coffee shop - where I can order hot chocolate. I like a first date to be non-committal, in case things don't go well - but flexible enough that it could turn into something more if they do. I also like the idea of counter-service on a first date, eliminating the whole who-should-pay issue.

If we've been dating a little while, I like fun dates. No movies, because how can we get to know each other if we're sitting quiet in the dark, staring forward? Unless there's enough time after to discuss the movie - that can lead to some spirited conversation! A museum or (weather permitting) people watching at an outdoor festival would be even better. Plus these ideas have the added bonus of (usually) not costing too much.

If we're comfortable with each other - I'm all for netflix and sushi on the sofa. Or Chinese food and a ballgame. Or pizza and a TV show. Honestly, any combination is fine - you get my point. Laid back, enjoying each other and sharing something we have in common.

I guess my ideal date night is one that is comfortable, enjoyable, stress-free, and appropriate to the stage of our relationship.

(And it never hurts if there's no cost to me...)

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