Friday, February 15, 2013

NaBloPoMo - Valentines past and present

Today's writing prompt is...
How did this Valentine's Day compare V-Days of years past?
I don't think this is a fair comparison. V-Day has become a day to celebrate romantic love. If you're single, it's actually a day full of pressure. Pressure to establish a relationship in time for a date, or to avoid embarrassment or awkwardness in a new relationship, or to find some way to escape the fact that you don't have a relationship.

Last year, I had a relationship - and a date. Trooper and I had been going out for nearly three months. I got chocolates and flowers (not red roses) and a surprise dinner. As romantic Valentines go, it was one of the best I've ever had; certainly the best I've had since I was married.

This year was obviously very different. I had a few potential dates, but none worthy of the V-Day pressure. Instead, I made plans with Baking Suit, and the guy she likes a whole lot (aka her husband). They aren't the traditional romantics, and had no problem taking pity on their poor single friend inviting me over for a little pizza and dessert.

How does it compare to last year? If we judge solely based on the romance factor - last year would win. But like I said - that's a bad comparison.

My date last year isn't around this year. Sure, we're still friends - but not Valentines. So when you think about it, really - what were we celebrating last year? A temporary relationship? One that couldn't stand the test of time?

This year, I celebrated love with two people who are always there for me. I celebrated lasting friendship in its truest form. I celebrated honor and respect and humor and sharing between two people who care for each other so much, not even a third wheel can spoil their bond.

That's a love worth celebrating. Definitely a Valentine's Day for the record books.

(Plus, launched yesterday. Something else to celebrate.)


  1. You had to come over. Many days I like you more than him ;)

  2. I sent flowers to a great friend I made last year, She didn't think she was going to get any flowers this year. I felt that sometimes friendships deserve flowers too.