Monday, February 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo - Ideal Valentine's Day

Today's writing prompt is...
What is your ideal Valentine's Day celebration?
This year, I'd say my ideal Valentine's Day celebration includes no mention of the freaking day at all. Or it involves me and a friend having a yummy dinner and then going shoe shopping. Or me, hanging out with that same good friend, whose husband has also taken pity on me.

But, I suppose given NaBloPoMo's theme, they want me to talk about my ideal romantic Valentine's Day.

I guess the ideal celebration depends on the guy. I mean - we should both enjoy how we spend the time, and that differs depending on the two people involved. So it's hard to say what my ideal celebration would include. But it's easy for me to tell you what it wouldn't include:

* Red roses - To be clear - I love flowers, and I absolutely love receving them on Valentine's Day. Ideally I'd like to get them at work because I'm a girl and we like those things. I'm just not a fan of the cliche red rose, and would prefer the guy think a little harder and come up with something that's more my style.

* Boxed candy - Of course I love chocolate. I just don't like those chocolates that come in the box and are filled with fake fruit and creme and all other kinds of crap. A bag of Hershey's Special Dark kisses would be just fine.

* Surprise dinner - I like to know where I'm going, so I can dress accordingly. So no surprises, please.

I guess that's really all for my "don't" list. As for what a guy should do...

Well, since I'm struggling to find a guy who will be open and honest about how he feels - I guess sharing his true feelings would be all I really need. It also wouldn't hurt if he actually kept the date.

"Women aren't complicated. How hard is it to give us chocolate and tell us we're pretty?" ~ Unknown (but so true)

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