Friday, May 24, 2013

Since you asked...

I met a man who seems very interested in pursuing a relationship with me. He's nice, sweet, smart, with his act semi-together. He's attractive and funny, and we have a few things in common.

As I was processing this information the other day, it occurred to me I may need to rethink how committed I am to a full-blown relationship. Why? Since you asked...
  • The idea that I might be giving up my booty-call guy (don't judge, he's adorable and very sweet and respectful) actually bothered me more than the idea of missing out on the relationship.
  • I'm happy to have "the talk" - but didn't feel it was important enough to interrupt the season finalĂ© of Criminal Minds.
  • I have to Google how to spell the word "commitment" every single time I type it.
  • I immediately began thinking of all the single activities I'd have to give up - and teared up a little.
  • Immediately after that, I started coming up with excuses I was prepared to make to keep my single engagements...well, single.
In theory, I love the idea of a healthy, balanced, monogamous relationship. I just wonder if I'm cut out to be in one.

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  1. I know how you feel 100%. Before I met that guy I ended up marrying, I wasn't ready to give up E (booty call and friend) and my single fun just for the "commitment". Just didn't seem worth it.

    I will say though, that when I met Frank I felt ok about many things being different. Sure it took time to adjust to the logistics and actuality, but as you know, I still have my own stuff, I just share it with him now (when I feel like it.)

    1. The consensus seems to be I won't feel this way when I meet the right one - which will be a big clue that he is the right one.

      At this point, the only guy who seems worth the effort is my cat. I think that's the only committed relationship I should be in.

  2. This is so very true on so many levels - and probably something us "older" dating ladies experience more than the younger ones. (Although I am probably significantly older than you!!) I like my ME time, my FWB is so adorable and yet so not needy, and I like knowing I am ok being alone. Eventually, if the right one comes along, I may (or may not) be willing to compromise - eek, such a dirty word!!! ;)